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Source: Twisteddoodles


    Source: Twisteddoodles

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    this is seriously a realistic representation of a couple that has been together for a long time.

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  4. - How would you feel if someone started a “Dear Black People”?
    - No need. Mass media from Fox News makes it clear what white people think of us.
    Dear White People | Justin Simien, 2014

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    Reblogging every time it crosses my dashboard. Sorry, not sorry.

    I love her

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    "Losing your virginity" will henceforth be called "your sexual debut".

    Because you’re not fucking losing anything.


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    A compilation of Yoongi’s bitch/stink face


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    these too




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  10. Long Absence and School

    I’m sorry everyone, I haven’t been as diligent with my blogging as I should have been, things have been quite busy for the past month. So please forgive me if the next few posts are out order. Also, let me know if there is something specific that you’d like to hear about! With that, I will move on to talk about my school!

    As you may have read in a previous post, I have been placed in Seoul. The…

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  11. Everything in Korea is spicy…even the fruit (top left)?!

    Everything in Korea is spicy…even the fruit (top left)?!

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    So many items arranged so beautifully.

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couple alley by kstreetmemories 
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